Ticket to the Moon


What keeps driving the relentless ambition of human mind to escape to outerspace?

In the 1960s and 70s the world was politically divided and on each side of the Iron curtain people lived very different realities. In this time of cosmic spring, both East and West was driven by the conquest of space and by curiosity.
The society collectively believed the commercial Moon travels were about to happen in the near future. Five years before man first set foot on the moon, Pan Am World Airways decided to play on the the space fever of the time and opened a waiting list for the First Moon flight, and soon had 100.000 members from all over the world.
The film TICKET TO THE MOON tracks back the ticket holders and questions what was so striking about the Moon, what did they imagine and what were they hoping to find?
Did they want to escape their own reality? What was the utopia behind their wish to escape? Have the utopias disappeared and the big dreams dissolved? We will take the trip to space through the imaginations of the ticket holders – and we will land on their moon, the one they imagined and dreamed of.
Are the “Moon” generation’s dreams and aspirations the same as the ones of present generations or did they transform?

Director Veronika Janatkova
Written by Veronika Janatkova, Till Steinmetz
Produced by Stefan Kloos for Kloos & Co. Medien
Co-production Veronika Janatkova for Pandistan
Involved TV Channel ZDF/ARTE and Czech Television

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Diana Karklin for World Sales
Anja Dziersk Festival Handling